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Letter from Momir Dunjic (Serbia)

Dear Dr Shimotsura

 me, my family, all doctors
from our association, all Serbian people are with you, because the Japanese
people and country are the most favorite and most lovely in our hearts. My
people are not reach, but we are organized the economic support for Japan as we
can. Every hour we are listening as a first news about situation in Japan. We
share with you and the suffering and fear and hope. VERY SORRY FOR THE VICTIMS.

Concerning my opinion about prevention. All recommendations ere to
intake food rich in natural iodine, sea algae like Kelp, but the best source
of iodine is cold pressed nut oil and we have in our country factory which produce very good nut oil. Using thisoil never reach overdose and very easy get enough iodine to protect endocrine system. To neutralize radiation effect on food, herbs, meat, vegetables, fruits and effects on earth the best thing is to use minerals in my country the name is: ZEOLITE. We have a mine of these minerals. The effect is instantaneous. Ingestion these minerals can reduce effect also of external radiation.

Of course I think that using Cilantro and different antioxidants also can help. Tell me how I can help?

We are sending a love, and expecting good news from Japan.

Momir Dunjic  <>

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