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Deformed Rabbit Born Ear-less after Fukuishima Nuke Incident

さんが 2011/05/30 にアップロード
!! Please read the description below !!
A rabbit was found born deformed without ears after Fukushima Nuclear Incident!

Excerpted translation of the original Japanese comments that were written by the filmer of this video:
After the nuclear incident the government told people in Namie-machi that there is no need to evacuate since it is outside of the 30km radius. Those in Namie-machi were not given any information and we thought we are going to be killed by the government's cover up.
(Perhaps because of the fact that readings were too high, the radiation levels of Namie-machi were not released on the media until April 4th when it was informed as 10.3 Milli sieverts, but in reality it was already beyond 30 milli sieverts. Since none of this is portrayed in the media, people may not be aware, but the next day the TV news had already replaced readings from Namie-machi with that of an area 5km away. This area now has radiation readings above 60 milli sieverts and the area near Kunigidaira now has readings above 40 milli sieverts.
Uninformed of the explosion of the Fukushima #3 Plant we felt burning sensations on our face and throat while working outside on the house grounds. Feeling that this maybe the last supper for the rabbits we were taking care of outside the house, we gave the rabbits their favorite green grass. Consequently this deformed rabbit was born without any ears. This is a deformity I had never seen before.
The lifecycle of a rabbit is much more faster than a human being, perhaps we are seeing our own future situation in this deformed rabbit.
There is no point in informing us of how polluted our area is 2 months after the initial incident. I had already eaten edible wild plants, and drank water from the well. I have heard that the current level of radiation of the soil is 600 thousand to 6 million becquerel.
As to the state of my face and throat, it continued to feel like a harsh sunburn until a month later it started to feel scratchy in different areas of the body and I have phlegm caught in my throat. We are trying to find others who may have experienced similar bodily irritations around March 13-15th. There are some who have measured radiation levels of 1153 milli sieverts around Miharu on the 14th.